Unlike anything you've ever read before: A "No Bullshit" reviewer of fine cuisine, and art. Take a deep breath before delving into the 4th dimension. "The Insight Zone."

Trying to find a better review site for chain restaurants, as well as local idiosyncratic eateries in the greater CT area? Don't hold your breath.

This is it. Coyle Restaurant Aficionado is well on its way to being the absolute gold standard in reviews sites. With apps under construction, Coyle Restaurant Aficionado will soon be everywhere you look. The Coca-Cola Classic of reviewers. 

Let's talk future. In terms of goals, we plan on 60,000 hits by one week after launch. Some may call it "over optimism," we call it "Having faith in American values." We have it in spades. Our dedicated staff is attentive and knowledgeable. There is no one more picky than our star reviewer, Jack Coyle. The man is a walking pile of bones, with a palate as refined as they come.

Stop us on the street if you see us doing field research, maybe hand out a gift card, a meal, anything. We are proud supporters of local businesses and would be elated to give you advertisement on our blog. You are what keeps Coyle Restaurant Aficionado alive. 

"He who hesitates
won't get a plate
" -
Big Dennis

Sugar coating is not to be expected.

Stay glued to that refresh button for new raw reviews by the gang.

The Coyle Associates Group
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